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Zuari Speciality Fertilisers Limited

Next-generation fertilisers to transform agricultural productivity.

  • A new revolution in farming

    Zuari Speciality Fertilisers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art, zero- waste, Water-Soluble fertilisers (WSF). These products are all set to dramatically improve agricultural productivity since WSF fertilisers are 100% available to the soil, unlike other fertilisers.

  • Our products

    The Water-soluble fertilisers are a boon to farmers. They can realise 15-30% more yield compared to conventional fertilisers. Due to their unique properties, these fertilisers ensure uniform distribution of nutrients and water. Making them indispensable in times of drought and monsoon failure.

  • Our plant

    The plant, located in Baramati, has a production capacity of 24,000 metric tonnes annually in two shift operations. Currently, the plant manufactures one WSF grade of NPK fertiliser, namely 19:19:19 (Poorna-19) but based on crop requirement and market demands, it proposes to manufacture other NPK grades. The plant is equipped with fully automatic systems and uses highly advanced equipment. The commissioning of the plant has deepened Zuari's engagement with the farming community to maximise crop yield.

  • Our reach

    Zuari Speciality Fertilisers plans to market the Water-Soluble fertilisers in Zuari's marketing territories in Southern, Western and Eastern India.

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Zuari Speciality Fertilisers Limited
Jai Kissan Bhawan, Zuarinagar – 403726, GOA
Telephone: +91-832-259-2180
Fax: +91-832-255-5279


...Adventz Edge

Jai Kisaan Poorna - 19 is a 100% Water soluble Speciality Fertiliser (WSF), free from toxic and harmful elements. It can be used in both fertigation and foliar spray. It contains least sodium and chloride content - benefitting low scorching effect on leaves. It is free from heavy metal like cadmium, mercury and toxic elements like arsenic - best to keep up human and soil health. It is free flowing fine crystalline material, dissolves quickly in water. It is manufactured using technical grade raw material - gives top quality fertigation and foliar grade material with minimum hygroscopic nature. It's 1:1:1 grade formula is best suited for vegetative growth, root development and better fruit setting. Poorna - 19 is available in convenient 1 kg and 25 kg packs at all fertiliser shops.