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A leading fertiliser company: Incorporated in 1981, Paradeep Phosphates Limited (PPL) is a joint venture between the Adventz group company, Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd. and Maroc Phosphore S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of OCP, Morocco. This joint venture has enabled the Adventz Group to establish a formidable pan-India presence as one of the country’s largest fertiliser conglomerates.

  • Our products

    PPL manufactures and markets complex phosphatic fertilisers and intermediary products like Phosphoric Acid and Sulphuric Acid, crucial in the manufacture of phosphatic fertilisers. All the products are marketed under the popular 'Navratna' brand. PPL's range caters to almost all agricultural applications.

  • Our plants

    The plant, located in the port town of Paradeep in Orissa, with an installed annual capacity of 7,20,000 metric tonnes of DAP and other phosphatic fertilisers, was commissioned in 1986. The off-site facilities comprise of a 3.4 km closed conveyor from port to plant site, a railway siding, raw material storage yards and a 3.1 km long pipe rack.

    In 1992, a Sulphuric Acid Plant with an annual capacity of 6,60,000 metric tonnes and a Phosphoric Acid Plant with an annual capacity of 2,25,000 metric tonnes were installed.

    Major raw materials like phosphoric acid, ammonia, rock phosphates, sulphur and MOP are imported from Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and CIS countries. PPL has a captive berth at Paradeep Port with facilities to unload solid and liquid cargo.

  • Our reach

    PPL's products are well established and are sold through private and institutional channels throughout the country. Aggressive marketing initiatives have been introduced to increase market share of these specially formulated fertilisers throughout the marketing territory. Besides manufactured products, PPL also markets its by-product Phospho-Gypsum which is used for soil conditioning in alkaline soils.

    PPL products are distributed across 16 states.


Director's Report for the year ended 31.3.2012
Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit & Loss and Cash Flow for the year ended 31.3.2012

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Paradeep Phosphates Limited
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Paradeep Phosphates Limited
Mehtab House, Ground Floor A,
36, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate
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...Adventz Edge

Paradeep Phosphates Limited�s mission towards achieving inclusive growth for the larger rural community continued unabated in developing substantial initiatives in two major gram panchayats in the neighborhoods namely Bagardia and Mangrajpur. Two villages are being developed as modern villages, while in another initiative 68 girls in several batches have been successfully trained in skill development programmes such as tailoring, dress designing and domestic nursing.