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Agriculture is the bedrock of the Indian Economy. Today, global warming and water scarcity are threatening food production. In this bleak scenario, Indian agriculture has to sow the ‘seeds of change’. It needs to adapt scientific farming techniques, intensify use of nutrients and micronutrients through farmer education and invent new irrigation methods and crop varieties that use less water to meet growing food demands.

Adventz is powering this critical transformation by leveraging the vast experience and expertise of the group companies that operate in this sector. Zuari Agro Chemicals LImited, Paradeep Phosphates Limited, Zuari Rotem Speciality Fertilisers Limited and Zuari Agri Sciences Ltd. will provide the agricultural community integrated 'seed to market' services that will maximise crop yields while minimising farmer risk.

These include revamping and expanding our core fertiliser manufacturing operations, importing large quantities of fertilisers to plug the large demand-supply gap and producing a variety of nutrient-rich fertilisers.

Equally important is our deep engagement with the farming community at large. Innovative market development initiatives, grass-root level farmer education programmes and training workshops have triggered new opportunities of growth for farmers, equipping them to meet the challenges ahead.