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The Adventz Brand is born from our deep commitment to excellence. Adventz embodies the Groupís values, creating a powerful and differentiating asset that marks the beginning of an exciting new journey that will transform the future.

The birth of Adventz

The birth of Adventz is a very significant event in India's corporate history. Not only does it represent the coming together of many well respected companies under a unified banner but is also a fantastic synergy of human talent, proven technological expertise and established financial prowess across diverse sectors such as agriculture, engineering, infrastructure, financial services, real estate and consumer products. The resultant entity is far greater in scope, scale and size than the resu ltant sum of the existing companies and will be driven by the same set of values of transparency, integrity and respect for people t hat underpins each of them.

This will enable us to unleash a new wave of collaboration, innovation and leadership in our focus sectors that wi ll actively drive the cou ntry's growth and prosperity. Adventz is indeed the beginning of many more exciting beginnings.

What does Adventz mean to us?

Adventz is more than a just a unified entity. For us, Adventz is a future full of promise and opens up a whole new world of opportunity for the Group companies, Individually and collectively.

This promise is based on four fundamental principles:

Collaboration: Adventz seeks to leverage the power of diversity in terms of knowledge, best practices and technological excellence to spur growth in each sector.

Sustainability: Adventz makes a conscious effort to employ India's natural resources in an eeo-friendly and renewable manner, so that the fru its of our labour are not only enjoyed by the current generation but also by the next.

Inclusiveness: The posi tive impact of what we do collectively must be felt not only by our stakeholders but by all sections of society. It must be a win-win situation for all.

Global: Adventz is a global player and wi ll actively seek relevant opportunities across the world to augment its market coverage, technological expertise and manpower.

Our logo

Our logo symbolizes our deep commitment to the two fundamental drivers of the Indian economy: Agriculture and Industry, These are represented by the two hands in blue and green in semi-circular forms that will transform the future. The space between the two hands forms a road that promises the beginning of an exciting new journey. The solid typeface emphasizes the rock-solid foundation on which Adventz stands.

Adventz Logo

About Us


After three exciting and eventful years of unified existence, as a Group; after consolidating and transforming our existing businesses to create enhanced vibrancy and fresh currency in their respective areas of operations; after forging ahead in several challenging and multi-directional new ventures, to build afresh on the firm foundations of our storied past, the road ahead for the Adventz family, is clearer, more focused and much more precisely defined.

A renewed sense of commitment and purpose informs and transforms the Adventz brand today.

To reflect this renewal more powerfully and evocatively in our corporate identity, a bright, golden yellow streak* has been added to the Adventz Logo mnemonic, illuminating the symbolic road ahead, between the principal ' green' and 'blue' drivers of our enterprise, viz. agriculture and industry, glowingly representing as well as renewing the Adventz brand promise, to significantly and positively impact the nation's future and emerge as a vibrant global brand.

Saroj Kumar Poddar, Chairman